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Susah macam mana pun hidup, kena teruskan jugak..

Emotional IQ Test.
Overall Results = 63/100

"Your Emotional IQ is good - higher than average in fact. This means that, in general, you are able to express your feelings clearly in appropriate situations. You are optimistic and positive, and adapt well to altering circumstances. You are comfortable with yourself, and you know and appreciate your talents and strong points as well as your weaknesses. You are able to motivate yourself, and find the energy and the strength necessary to complete what you need to do to reach your goals. You are one of the resilient people who bounce back after major drawbacks, survive hardship without bitterness, and still manage to empathize with others. These skills will certainly bring you long-term benefits such as stronger relationships, better health and personal happiness."

*Campak mana2 boleh survive dah ni kot insyaAllah. Yes, I love myself so much. No doubt about that. And I thought I was a narcissist before this. Tak sebenarnya kehkeh

PPD best tapi nak study tu bosan.


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Allah berfirman: "Wahai anak-anak Adam, selagi mana engkau memohon dan mengharapkan dariKu, Aku ampunkan engkau walau apapun dosamu, Aku tidak peduli. Wahai anak-anak Adam, jika dosamu sampai ke puncak langit, lalu Engkau pohon keampunan dariKu, Aku ampunkan engkau, Aku tidak peduli. Wahai anak-anak Adam, jika engkau datang kepadaKu dengan dosa yang hampir memenuhi bumi, namun engkau menemuiKu tanpa mensyirikkan Aku dengan sesuatu, nescaya Aku datang kepadamu dengan penuh keampunan.” -Hadis Riwayat at-Tirmizi-
[Sesungguhnya sifat rahmat Allah melebihi kemarahanNya]

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